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Pescator Villas offer opportunity to enjoy food the way you want. In these self-catering apartments, you have everything you need to prepare meals the same you would do at home. Gas operated BBQ is also at your disposal. Alternatively, you may want to pay a visit to restaurants offering international dishes and traditional Finnish food. These can be found within 5-10 minute’s drive from villas.

Perhaps you may want to order delicious ready meals to the villa or hire a professional cook to prepare food according to your group´s wishes. In that case, our cooperation partners are happy help you with this, check for instance or We at Pescator Villas are also there for you to assist you with your requests.

We offer our customers a chance to order a gift basket to the villa. In this basket, you find hand-made, local Finnish cake shop products. This gift is offered in two sizes.  Gift basket is a treat you may want to enjoy yourself or alternatively, it is an awesome present to bring back home.

Luxury gift basket

• crisp bread 20 pcs 350 g
• liquorice balls with 
  white chocolate and raspberry 130 g
• liquorice balls with 
  white chocolate and caramel 130 g
• liquorice balls 
  with white chocolate 130 g
• hazel nut brittle
  with milk chocolate 100 g
• chocolate tabs with orange flavor 220 g
• black tea Champagne cream 80 g
Price 55 € (inc VAT 14 %).
More detailed content in pdf-file.
Separately ordered with the booking.

Small gift basket

• crisp bread 20 pcs 350 g
• liquorice balls
  with white chocolate 130 g
• hazel nut brittle
  with milk chocolate 100 g
• black tea Champagne cream 80 g
Price 35 € (inc VAT 14 %).
More detailed content in pdf-file.
Separately ordered with the booking.


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Customer feedback

”Villa Karppi was amazing! House is fantastic and spacious and had everything we needed for hosting a party. House is well suitable for bigger groups. House owner was really helpful with our requests, thank you for that. We would like to come back some day”

”We had our annual team spirit day at Villa Karppi. House worked very well for our purposes: it was beautiful and featured necessary technique to host a business meeting. We were also happy with catering services, lunch and dinner were tasty. All in all, our meeting was a success and I am happy to recommend this place!”